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Pragmatic Executive Coaching & Business Coach, coaching executives and business leaders creating thriving executives in fast paced executive environments. Summit Advisors coaching executives personal one-on-one and coaching teams of executives.

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June 1, 2018


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Executive Coaching Overview

Growing pressures of rapidly growing global competition fuel the continuing demand for more effective executives and business leaders, necessitating the growing demand for utilizing personal one-one-on and group executive coaching. It is executive responsibility to set the direction, culture and style for the organization--for effecting change to meet changing shifts in markets and expectations. In order lead change, leaders must themselves change, and be prepared to continue to change.

While developing a long-term strategic plan, you evaluate current stock of the organization’s current and past resources. Executive Coaching provides that same principle to an organization's senior executives. Thus, Summit Advisors offers Executive Coaching to close the Gap. 

As we have seen in recent years, even those who reach board of directors level need Executive Coaching providing meaningful feedback and personal growth opportunities to avoid being isolated.

The coaching program offered by Summit Advisors is recognized by others as a valuable and powerful tool for those who desire to excel beyond there current performance--akin to the world-class golfer who seeks coaching in order to excel in their performance. Sometimes the top performer falters and is not delivering what is expected, thus is in need of Executive Coaching. 

Executive coaching is often the best way for an individual and an organization to grasp the confusion of change in today's ever more demanding global environment. The process of hiring an Executive Coach is highly personal. Your decision must be based on trust, commitment, and giving and receiving pragmatic straight forward challenging feedback. When all three are established, the relationship begins to move forward in a positive and successful direction.

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