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Pragmatic Executive Coaching & Business Coach, coaching executives and business leaders creating thriving executives in fast paced executive environments. Summit Advisors coaching executives personal one-on-one and coaching teams of executives.

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July 1, 2010


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Our Client Guarantee
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Some people perform better than others and we have a system that recognizes that, but at the same time, emphasizes: "Whatever it takes to satisfy the customer is why we are in business." Our Total Quality Service Program (TQS) is structured to make every employee aware that it has been put in place for the right reason... to make the company more responsive. 

We are a services oriented company for other businesses that need to build, improve upon, and develop a great infrastructure. We believe that by not representing proprietary products or services, we avoid conflicts of interest. 

Summit's approach makes us advocates for independent, unbiased advice and service to our customers. We understand the management consulting services industry and we understand the things our clients need to meet their stated goals and objectives. We feel we have to implement a new system under which the client is our Number 1 concern and responsibility. Under a new compensation plan, employees are paid a commission plus a bonus geared largely to client satisfaction as measured through the clients’ continuation with Summit. 

By design, this plan encourages formation of staff teams to serve the varied needs of clients. Team members may be drawn from any of the company's offices stretched across the US from San Diego, CA to Atlanta, GA., and on to Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

We look at each market as a profit center that has to stand on its own financially, yet we all have to stand ready to be apart of a team for any client. 

The company's emphasis on TQS has given rise to what we call the "Double EE Standard of Excellence". This standard is defined as exceeding the expectations of clients by maintaining high levels of ethics and excellence. 

Summit enforces internal adherence .to the standard by issuing customers a "guarantee of quality". The guarantee lets the client reduce their agreed upon fee to Summit if they determine "that the value added to the assignment by Summit is not commensurate with expectations. In other words, Summit provides the service; the client measures the quality of that service.

If after utilizing one of our programs, if a customer is not satisfied, we offer a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Of the many thousands of participants who have attended our programs, no one has ever asked for a refund!

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