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Pragmatic Executive Coaching & Business Coach, coaching executives and business leaders creating thriving executives in fast paced executive environments. Summit Advisors coaching executives personal one-on-one and coaching teams of executives.

Executive Leadership Coaching,

Business Coaching,

Family Coaching,

Group and One-on-One,

Personal Coaching,

Individual Coaching, Corporate Coaching

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July 1, 2010


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Summit Advisors, Inc. is a leading global diversified management consulting firm working with organizations from a wide range of industries to align strategies with people, processes and customers achieving improved levels of performance impacting the bottom line.

Summit Advisors provides executive coaching, management and leadership consulting, human resource , organizational development consulting, training and development, and to clients. While we specialize in several performance areas, we are characterized first and foremost by providing flexibility to meet client needs. 

Management Consulting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Bankruptcy Management

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Relations (Human Resource Management)

  • Labor Relations

  • Managing Change

  • Leading Change

  • Organizational Development Issues

  • Team Building

Training and Development

  • Management and leadership training

  • Management Training

  • Leadership Training




CEO Coaching, CEO Coach  Accelerated integration of the new Executive


Executive Coaching


CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  On-boarding, the First 100 Days

CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  New Executive Training

CEO Coaching, CEO Coach  Partnering with the Board

CEO Coach, CEO Development  Merging a new senior team

CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  Performance review for the new CEO

CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  Leadership

CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  Ensuring specific Executive styles, language, or behavior

CEO Coaching, CEO Coach  Shaping and integrating personal philosophies about culture, power, success,

     personal values,...)


Business Coaching


Family Held Business Coaching

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