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Pragmatic Executive Coaching & Business Coach, coaching executives and business leaders creating thriving executives in fast paced executive environments. Summit Advisors coaching executives personal one-on-one and coaching teams of executives.

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July 1, 2010


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To be the world's most approachable provider of choice for organizational development, management consulting, executive coaching, training and development services.

Our first responsibility is to the intellectual capital side of our business, our employees and contractors who work with us throughout the world. To create the climate where everyone finds meaning, nobility, dignity, pride, purpose and fun within a culture that promotes creativity, openness and empowerment. 

Employees are encouraged to have a balanced life to include spiritual, family, professional and civic/community/charitable organizations. 

We must provide competent and ethical leadership and be held accountable for our actions.

We are also responsible to our customers and all others who use our services in meeting their needs. Everything we do must be of high quality, responding quickly, accurately and decisively.

Our final responsibility is to our stockholders. We must provide a sound profit, but never forgetting that creativity comes through risk and new ideas. We recognize that adverse times periodically occur and that we must be prepared with reserves to bear the storm.

Summit Advisors, Inc. is committed to contributing to our clients organizational and business needs; addressing concerns quickly and decisively with independent and unbiased strategies; development, implementation, providing services excelling beyond the clients expectations, through a quality conscious team of professionals who put service above self.

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